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Home Inspections and What You Need To Know About Them

A home inspection is typically a visual evaluation done to ascertain a property or home’s condition. A home inspector generally determines the home’s performance through the provision of inspection services. Any problems with the property are also determined during the inspection.

One of the most expensive purchases you will ever make in your life will probably be buying a home. Given the weight of such a decision, this would be the worst time to opt for a cheap home inspection. A home inspection costs significantly less compared to the actual home to be inspected. For this and more reasons, we have dedicated ourselves to providing only the best home inspections with the utmost integrity and the highest quality.

For buyers, our aim is to ensure that you are aware of and you understand all there is to know about the property you plan to purchase. If you are a seller, you can be sure you will get a report providing 100% full disclosure from us; you will not have to worry about a buyer coming back to question anything concerning the property sold.

We understand the fact that purchasing a property is a huge investment, which is why we ensure that everyone involved in the process is fully aware of anything involving the property. Call us in for an inspection before buying any property or building property. We are entirely dedicated to inspecting fulltime.

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Mistakes To Avoid When Getting A Home Inspection

Not researching the inspector

More often than not, sellers and buyers opt for any recommended name without researching it first. If your inspector is good, your inspection will be equally as good. You should ask them relevant questions regarding their experience, training, and qualifications. Get a certified professional who also keeps up with ongoing education. This will make them proficient in assessing the home’s weaknesses and strengths and explaining them.

Not attending the inspection

Even though it is not mandatory, it is advisable. It is not enough to read the report, in some cases, you might need to see it to get the full picture. Set aside time to attend the inspection and if not reschedule to when you can. The inspector may sit with you following the inspection to answer your questions, offer relevant advice, and explain things.

Not reading the inspection report

Get an inspector who will use concise and clear language in the written reports and in person. Ask for a sample, check their website, or scan several inspection reports. An experienced professional will simply state the problems with the house and what is needed to fix them.

Not getting a pre-sale inspection

The sellers of the property will have little time to keep the sale on track and complete any repairs when the buyer opts to get an inspection. However, if the seller gets the home inspected before they put it on the market, they will have more time to conduct repairs allowing them to also control costs and shop around. Don’t wait too long before engaging an inspector.

Not preparing the home

If you have a lock on a shed, basement, or utility closet, the inspector will need to access it so either provide the keys or open it. The best bet for a seller is to be around the home to meet your inspector, make introductions, and give them your number then you can leave. It is also best to hire professionals to do repairs to reduce repeat inspections.

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