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Why Should You Consider A Mold Inspection For Your Property?

The name ‘Mold’ is generic for more than 100,000 various types of fungus and they are essentially living organisms comprising a significant portion of the fungi kingdom. Instead of making seeds, mold manufacture spores, which float like pollen in the air. These spores are cells, which are regenerative and are protected by a tough coating, which can survive extreme temperatures, bleach, chemicals, and detergents. Mold reproduces by releasing said spores, which settle on surfaces and start growing and spread very fast producing various odors and exuding a myriad of different textures and colors.

Mold should be a serious concern as it destroys anything it grows on. It seriously damages the structural aspects of your property and it ruins cabinets and furnishings. It is a leading cause of asthma and it can trigger asthmatic attacks.

Mold is best responded to before it does its worst damage and this can be done by eliminating sources of moisture and dealing with any leaks. However, a professional inspection by a qualified and certified specialist and testing done with conformity to standard industry protocols is the best way to identify the problem accordingly and generate an applicable action plan.

A Mold inspection is different from a mold treatment or remediation in that it is the process of identifying the presence or growth of undesirable mold in a building or property. A mold inspection can include questionnaires touching on the building’s history, mold testing, visual inspections, and symptoms noted by the building occupants. Mold treatment or remediation, on the other hand, is the process of dealing with an existing mold problem. It involves handling the water problem that initialized the mold growth as well as cleaning and removing the mold growth or items afflicted by the mold growth.

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When should you consider a mold inspection?

  • If you have had water issues or plumbing leaks in the property and you suspect growth of mold behind walls or in the air.

  • When you smell mold but cannot see it; in this case, a mold inspection and test is necessary to ascertain whether it is there and what kind it is.

  • To make sure previous mold issues have been resolved (Post Mold Removal Clearance Testing)

  • If you have a health problem whose cause, you cannot determine but whose symptoms relate to those of mold. An inspection and test might help to confirm suspicions.

  • For the protection of sellers and buyers in real estate transactions

  • Tenant and Landlord disputes concerning whether there is a mold problem in the property

  • If you think you smell or see mold but you are not sure

  • If you are interested in a general quality of indoor air test of the environment

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