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Why You Need To Conduct A Pre-Listing Inspection

Pre-listing inspections or seller inspections are gaining popularity in quite a number of states and with good reason. It gives you an opportunity to show any potential buyers that the property at hand is ready for them to move into. It also gives you the freedom to address any potential issues with the house within good time. Decrease market time by correcting any issues as a reflection of the fair estimated repairs. Don’t be forced to reduce the home’s sales price or prolong your home’s sale due to waiting on repairs. A seller inspection eliminates the use of ‘repairs’ by buyers as a negotiating tool. Before even listing the home, you should ensure a certified master inspector performs your inspection.

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Why Should You Conduct a Pre-Listing Inspection?

Save You Money

Save You Money If the house has any problems you have not fixed, and they appear on the buyer’s inspection report, you might be forced to reduce your asking price. You will typically pay less for repairs when done in advance but the buyer may add extra to cater for unexpected repairs in advance. forth negotiating.

Sped Up Process

Speed up the sales process: if the house is in the best shape, the sales process can be sped up. If the repairs have been determined and completed in due time, this can save you time in terms of back-and-forth negotiating.

Create An Advantage

A pre-listing inspection would give a seller in a buyer’s market a competitive edge. If everything possible has been done to prepare the home for sale, you can list it with confidence. Up to 18 month warranty & can be paid at closing. 5 year protection plan

Be In The Know

A pre-inspected home means that its seller can confirm that no major systems present will require immediate replacement or repair and that there are no known safety hazards. Our inspections will let you know whether there are any problems or defects with the home enabling you to deal with them even before potential buyers discover them. Take sufficient time to attain reasonable estimates for repair. Show your potential buyers you are dealing in good faith by avoiding delays and negotiations at the 11th hour; also, have your home pre-inspected now to justify your full asking price.

You can be sure that we are dedicated to inspecting full time; when we are not doing so, we are furthering our education. 

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